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"Jill creates a safe and supportive environment providing me the space to explore my thoughts and emotions freely. She skillfully guides me towards finding clarity within myself and empowers me to discover my own solutions.


Her commitment to not create dependency on her, but rather prepare me for the challenges of the world is remarkable and definable sets her apart from the rest. Jill empowers me to develop the necessary skills and mindset to navigate life’s obstacles independently.


Her compassionate nature and refreshing approach make our sessions feel like a breath of fresh air. If you are ready for your next chapter of growth and positive change in all areas of life, Jill is without doubt the person you want to walk this path with."



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"Life can be hard.


Thank you for helping me work through my childhood issues. I always thought I was cursed and took the easy way out. You showed me that I am important and have a lot to offer my family, new people I meet, and my coworkers. 


Thank you for giving me more of a positive outlook on my life which I am constantly wanting to work on my mental health now!"



Balancing Rocks

"When I first met Jill, I had no real hope for myself. I was mired in a destructive relationship that had adversely affected my relationship with my two sons. I was medicating with alcohol and my dreams were gone.


Now, I have purpose in my life and hope for the future!!! From our first session, I always felt calm and relaxed no matter what we were discussing and that is because of your non-judgmental and caring demeanor. You truly want the best for each and every person you help.


You’ve given me valuable tools that I can use throughout my life no matter what situation I’m in and I won’t self-destruct. Thank you for your knowledge, your wisdom, and your ability to get me to see the good and positivity in every situation. I now see life with a more level thought process."



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