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Feeling stuck and unfulfilled?

Do you find yourself mired in the everyday stresses of life and a little lost?

Are you seeking a clearer path to true happiness?

You need a safe space where you can share your thoughts and struggles, be vulnerable, and be heard. Your life is not just about completing tasks and sticking to a schedule, but rather an ever-evolving journey to happiness.

With the help of a life coach, you can tap into your inner strength, discover your purpose, and attain optimal well-being to successfully navigate a fulfilling life. Embrace the development of your evolving soul to achieve strength of self, not just strength from your career and possessions. Go beyond the tangible to connect to your authentic self.

Jill Ray is an experienced, certified life coach who leans in and really hears her clients. She works with who you are as an individual, on a deeper level, to help you connect to your true identity. She gets to the root of the issues and helps clients navigate conflicts, release trauma, and overcome challenges like stress and self-doubt.

Jill Ray

Certified Life Coach

“I really listen to not just only what is said but what isn’t said.

Sometimes, what isn’t said is the most important.”

Through scheduled coaching sessions, Jill mentors her clients, working closely to identify specific goals, then mapping a reasonable path to success. Clients discover ways to improve relationships, deal with personal and professional difficulties, stay on track, and avoid negative actions. Much like a physical check-up, life coaching sessions provide maintenance for the mind.


The soul is both a spirit and a developing person. A life coach helps manage the evolution of your soul.

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